Our global network of experts will link with highly experienced field workers to provide continual funding and expertise across Asia. As a small foundation, our goal is to provide help that maximizes the efficiency of the money spent.

NAKA Elephant Foundation is a Thailand-based foundation that has evolved from the earlier efforts of The Asian Elephant Foundation (TAEF), a recently closed foundation established by the world famous Elephant Parade. NAKA continues TAEF’s legacy as a new and independent foundation under the leadership of Carmen Rademaker, former Director of TAEF.

NAKA’s Namesake

Naka was a joyful and rambunctious calf who gladdened the hearts of all around him. Sadly, he died very quickly after contracting Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV), an epidemic disease that attacks mainly young elephants worldwide. (Finding strategic responses to EEHV effective in Asian field conditions is one of our goals.) This much loved calf is a fitting namesake for our foundation because Naka is a constant reminder that helping elephants requires not just loving hearts but also thinking brains, in careful balance.